Rada Hadjikostova & Partick Schleuter performing Luigi Nono’s last composition. Lutherian Church up the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem (2010)

For many years, Denis Schuler has been curating various concerts, performances, and shows in Europe and abroad.

Denis Schuler is currently Artistic Director of the Geneva based Ensemble Vide, that he co-founded in 2010. This position gives him the opportunity to various events from time to time with other artists and researchers. Many orchestras, artists, soloists, and performers have already been involved, in more than twenty-five all-original shows. He also aims to combine music with other disciplines like visual arts, performance, dance, etc. He works usually in peculiar spaces, out of concert halls and offering the possibility of an immersion: an industrial building, an art space, a house, a place outside, etc. The particularities of those locations stimulate the elaboration of different kinds of concepts, bringing people and ideas together.

Previously, he scheduled the contemporary music season at the Fondation – Pavillon Le Corbusier in Paris between 2009 and 2012. He took part, as music adviser and programmer, in the Eternal Tour Festival in Las Vegas, Jerusalem, Ramallah, Neuchâtel and Geneva (2007-2011). He explored a great range of venues – church, bar, factory, university, cultural center, attic, loft, etc – with many artists, involving a harpsichord player in a cellar, a violin duet walking around in a church, or an all-night-long radio broadcasted concert.

Lucia Piccioni, art historian, speaking inside the crypt of the Chiostro del Bramante, Rome (2013)

Between 2011 and 2013, he worked as music curator for the Swiss Institute in Rome, programming spectacular events: a six-hours-long string quartet concert in multiple spaces, a pluridisciplinary project in an ancient crypt in a cloister, a performance in full darkness and a youth orchestra on a piazza. He also curated there a five-concerts-event, combining Middle-Eastern music, with contemporary musicians, traditional ones and a DJ.

Fanny Balestro & Anna Minten performing inside the ARCOOP industrial building in Geneva (2015)

In 2018, he will curate a special event, involving a trio (Alexandre Babel, Claire Chase, Anna D’Errico) performing Morton Feldman’s For Philip Guston, a visual artist (Sonia Kacem), an architect (Léonie Zelger) and a light designer (Jonathan O’Hear). It will take place in Geneva’s Centre d’art contemporain.


Selected shows teasers

At the top: Arsène Liechti conducting the Orchestre Buissonnier, inside the ARCOOP industrial building.