This composition is structured in three movements and constructed around the flute. Though quite central, this instrument is not the vehicle of a concertant and does not serve as a medium of virtuosity. The subject here is rather a wandering, a meditation. As in Arabic, where laa means « no » : a protest, intentional and assumed, that comes to life in music. As an expression of life, these swarmings melt with cries, flowing back and forth like the circulation of blood. But if words are the means of all contestation, to keep mum is the sign of refusal. The motive here is silence, whispers and respiration. Of all that is hidden and that which exists on the margins, in the twilight. Of that which must be searched for and isn’t revealed.

Laa was written for Christoph Bösch and the Phoenix Ensemble Basel


Phoenix Ensemble Basel


December 12, 2015
New Stage, St Petersbourg, Russia

Phoenix Ensemble Basel & eNsemble Pro-Arte


Phoenix Ensemble Basel and eNsemble Pro-Arte

December 17, 2015
Arsenal of NCCA, Nizhni Novgorod, Russia
January 8, 2016
Muzik-Akademie, Basel, Switzerland
January 9, 2016
Muzik-Akademie, Basel, Switzerland