Horizon multiple

Festival Archipel

In between dream and reality, music and words inhabit the space. The venue is empty, some blankets for the audience that settle wherever it is the best for her/him. Six composers and seven performers. A stage director and a light designer.


Olga Neuwirth
…ad auras… In memoriam H (1999)
for two violins

Carol Robinson
Highway, (1995/2017)
for oboe and clarinet

Kaija Saariaho
From the Grammar of Dreams (1988)
for two sopranos
Texts : Sylvia Plath, excerpts from The Bell Jar (1963) and Paralytic (1965)

Rebecca Saunders
to and fro (2010)
for oboe and violin

Denis Schuler
Perpetual sense of being out (2010)
for two sopranos
Text : Virginia Woolf, excerpts from Mrs Dalloway (1925)

Virginia Woolf
The Waves, 1925 (excerpts), reading


François James Violin
Wendy Ghysels Violin
Jonathan O’Hear Light
Cristiana Presutti Soprano
Carol Robinson Clarinet & Birbinè
Dorian Rossel Stage Director
Boubacar Samb Reader
Denis Schuler Curator
Gyslaine Waelchli Soprano
Béatrice Zawodnik Oboe