Procession: Atlas – May 6

 Spatialized music inside an industrial building

Maps filled with little points of various color and size: the Atlas Eclipticalis is a representation of the stars, published in 1958 by the Czech astronomer Anton.n Bečvář. This fascinating and beautiful object was perfect for John Cage, who decided to use it as a starting point for his eponym composition. The Ensemble Contrechamps soloists meet on this stellar representation the young musicians of various conservatories. In addition: a medieval conductus performed by a children choir.

An Ensemble Vide production, in coproduction with the Ensemble Contrechamps.


John Cage
Atlas Eclipticalis (1961)
for large ensemble

Beata Viscera Maria Virginis (around 1190)
for a cappella voice



Ensemble Contrechamps
Young players of the CEGM
(Geneva’s conservatories confederation)
Children Choir of the CPMDT (Conservatoire populaire de musique, danse et théâtre)


Brice Pauset
Denis Schuler
Béatrice Zawodnik

May 6, 2017 – 9PM
ARCOOP Building, Geneva, CH