The image is a freeze frame as the little bird, hovering in front of the flower, produces a motionless picture. But zooming in reveals a strong reality that makes it able to be an acrobat, flying forward, backward and upside down: a heart rate that can reach 1260 beats per minute, with a flapping rate oscillating between 50 and 200 times per second. The need of energy allowing that is tremendous and forces the bird to feed himself all day long, with breaks no longer than 15 minutes. During the night, going into a hibernation-like state, the metabolism is reduced to 1/15 of its normal rate in order to spare energy. The music of Hummingbird tries to combine those two elements.


Glass Farm Ensemble


May 29, 2014
Symphony Space, New York, USA

Glass Farm Ensemble


Glass Farm Ensemble

April 28, 2017
Symphony Space, New York, USA
November 13, 2016
Gare du Nord, Basel, Switzerland
November 12, 2016
Jecklin Forum Zurich, Switzerland
November  11, 2016
Villa Boveri, Baden, Switzerland